„Socjalizm, w który wierzę”: wyobrażenia społeczne Edwarda Lipińskiego

  • Michał Śliwa


Edward Lipiński (1888–1986) – a brilliant economist, economy teaching and schools organizer, social thinker – he developed an incredibly rich and diverse intellectual and ideological activity, subject to prime values: freedom, equality, and social justice. In accordance with the best traditions of the Polish socialism he painted the vision of democratic social order, which enables a unit and society to develop in an optimal way. He always pointed at the vitality and inalienability of the socialist idea in the social process and human culture. He promoted it even at the late stage of his idealistic activity, even when it proved to be faulty and not conforming to the new social conditions, determined by the development of modern microelectronic and computer technology and the strengthening of globalization and integration processes. His intellectual and ideological creation remains an original and stable part of the development of Polish social thought in the twentieth century.