Fakt czy artefakt? Patriotyzm w życiu młodego pokolenia Polaków

  • Radosław Marzęcki, Łukasz Stach


The article is an attempt to scientifically explain the role patriotism holds in the life of the Polish society. Special attention has been paid to young citizens, born after 1989, who understand and respect the value of the socio-systematic changes in Poland different than their parents generation. Based on their own questionnaire study the Authors are also trying to describe the way of perceiving this phenomenon: how much is it just an emotional bond with the homeland, country, state, region, city, society, and how much is it a practical action for the good of the country or local society? The article also includes the overview of different views on patriotism in the theoretical approach. The phenomenon of patriotism is being considered in the context of the wider issue: national/European identity, hierarchy of values or citizen activity.