Między idealizmem a konformizmem. Inteligencji polskiej wizje III Rzeczypospolitej

  • Michał Strzelecki


One of the more important issues drawing the attention of Polish scholars and publishers
in the past quarter-century has been undoubtedly the condition and role of the Polish
intelligence during the social and political changes in the 20th century, with special attention
paid to its engagement in the building process of the chunks of the Polish Third Republic.
A thorough analysis of the aforementioned problem allows for noticing the very clear attitude
evolution process and acceptable system of values, although its representatives still think
themselves to be a separate social layer with clear social and political tasks to complete. From
the point of view of the issue described in this article, it seems relevant in the way that these
changes, above all related to new regime reality and the inevitable civilisation and generation
changes, naturally influenced not only the ability to alter reality, but also the character of the
visions of rebuilding and modernise the Republic, formulated within its boundaries.