Recepcja myśli politycznej Juliusza Mieroszewskiego w polskiej polityce wschodniej po 1989 roku

  • Andrzej Janociński


The aim of the article author was to show the political thought of Juliusz Mieroszewski not
only in the perspective of its long cooperation with the Paris “Culture”, but also to prove the
topicality of his concepts in contemporary politics. In the first part of the article the author
focuses on the projects of Juliusz Machulski, connected to the direct neighbours of Poland
– Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine, at that time being a part of the Soviet Union. These were
developed the furthest by the concept of ULB. The second part covers Mieroszewski’s ideas
on settling the relations with Russia, with regard to their timely evolution, taking place on
the pages of the Paris “Culture”. The third part of the article presents the author’s attempts to
prove the existence of traces of Mieroszewski’s political thoughts in the contemporary Polish
Eastern politics, both in the declarative and political plane.