Od Krzyżowej do Majdanu. Sąsiedztwo z Niemcami w polityce III RP

  • Natalia Jackowska


The perspective of 25 years of the Polish Third Republic and achieving the goals assigned at
the beginning of the transformation, connected with reorienting the Polish politics allows
for looking at the Polish-German relations in a broader context of European dynamics and
international relation in the world, although not without the living schematics, stereotypes
and habits, able to determine thoughts and decisions. Relations with Germans have stopped
being a subject of superpolitical unanimity, and in the perception of further generations the
historical traumas will give place to the pragmatic everyday life. The material refers to the
concepts of interest community, memory and generational changes which show the scale
of the change made in the Polish-German relations, as well as try to set the perspective of
implementing the experiences gathered so far.