Między romantyzmem a realizmem – Prawo i Sprawiedliwość o polityczności

  • Waldemar Paruch


The main object of analyses found in the paper are ideological concepts of Prawo i Sprawiedliwość
(Law and Justice) with particular emphasis on the description and explanation of
“the political” in accordance with political beliefs of the party. PiS is a political party which
based their ideology-creation function on two political criteria: projection of means in order
to reshape the reality according to their own political thought and differentiating between
national and international opponents and allies.
The two criteria mentioned have their roots in four assumptions. First, political goals may
be realized only as long-term commitments. Second, each political entity strives for securing
their access to new resources strengthening their potential. Third, political thinking has been
strongly determined by geopolitics.
Fourth, the division into allies and opponents cannot be reduced to rivalry of other kinds, e.g.
economic or social.