„Znikająca lewica”. O dyskursie zawierającym diagnozę zmian polskiej sceny politycznej

  • Magdalena Mikołajczyk


The article is an example of a discourse analysis dedicated to the decreasing relevance of the
left-wing politics in Poland. In the course of the article author, first, reconstructs explanatory
factors behind the phenomenon of the „disappearing left in Poland” that has been proposed
by several authors since the 90s. In the second step, author applies this framework to the field of parliamentary politics, political discourses as well as to wider political context (i.e.
media). The explanatory factors has been classified into five groups: adaptation (adjusting
the left to the neoliberal order), denial (unsuccessful defense of leftist values and tradition),
misrepresentation (consent of the political elites of the left to changing political affiliation
of the trade unions that folated towards the conservative right), capture (exploitation of
the crucial elements of the doctrine like „welfare state” by the national- Catholic milieus),
incoherence (different ideological priorities of the „young” and „old” activists of the Left) and
eventually liked with the „vanishing voter” situation in Poland.