Od sojuszu do skrajnej wrogości. Ewolucja zachowań parlamentarnych Platformy Obywatelskiej i Prawa i Sprawiedliwości w latach 2001–2013

  • Jacek K. Sokołowski


The main purpose of the article was to analyze the evolution of parliamentary behavior of
Platforma Obywatelska (Civic Platform) and Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (Law and Justice) in the
years 2001–2013. The present paper explains the development of identity of both parties since
the election of 2005. The analysis takes into account creating bond with the voters, as well
as selected models and rules governing the behavior of politicians. The data presented show
that up until 2010 Polish government opposition was of consensual type, i.e. the opposition
agreed with the governing party in many cases. At the turn of sixth and seventh term of office
was substituted with “hard” opposition, who consistently voted against proposed bills of the
coalition. However, it needs to be stressed that a clear dissonance in legislative behavior is
correlated with the previously long term of stability of coalition governments, as well as with
the increase in coherence of parliamentary clubs. This may be an indicator of the forming
of a permanent model of parliamentary rivalry and of an increase in stability of the political