Rządzeni o rządzących. Problem alienacji i niereprezentatywności polskiej klasy politycznej

  • Radosław Marzęcki


The main object of analyses provided in the paper is one of the key problems of contemporary
Poland’s democracy, i.e. the “destructive” model of political rivalry. Action aimed at
discrediting a rival in direct “confrontation” proves more beneficial than long-term planning
resulting in realization of positive reform plan. As a result political elites cater to their own
political needs forgetting about their social role in regard to citizens. As a consequence the
gap between the society and politics grows even bigger. The society becomes more and more
depoliticized. Indicators of associating oneself with political parties are the lowest in the
whole of European Union. Most of the citizens admit they have no-one to vote for, they do
not associate themselves even with the party they are voting for the general perception of
politicians is extremely critical. It seems that it is important to put clearer emphasis on the
fact that the whole of the political stage is responsible for said negative phenomenon.