Obszary krytyki państwa w prasie komunistycznej w latach 1991–2015 (na przykładzie publikacji czasopisma „Brzask”)

  • Paweł Malendowicz Uniwersytet Kazimierza Wielkiego w Bydgoszczy


Communist Part of Poland (KPP) was formed in 2002 yet stems from the Polish Communists’
Union “Proletariat” which functioned in the 1990s. The official party newspaper (first of the
ZKP and later of KPP) was the periodical “Brzask” (“Dawn”). As a communist paper, it rejected
political transformations in Poland, its causes, substance and effects. Criticism of the state
featured was concerned with democracy, political elites, Church and religion, market economy and globalization of funds, social policy of the state, education, foreign policy and European
Union, military policy and NATO. Defining those areas was possible due to longitudinal study,
as well as quantity and quality analysis of press content.
Key words: Communist Part of Poland, Brzask, party programs, political system, state