Październik w perspektywie lokalnej. Liga Kobiet w powiecie wolsztyńskim 1956–1966

  • Paulina Berlińska-Wojtas Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika


The authors of the article attempt at providing answers concerning the functioning of
Polish Women’s League in Wolsztyn County in the years 1956–1966. What was the League’s
influence on local communities of small towns and villages in terms of cultural history? How
was the project of a New Soviet Woman (a woman full filling her civil duties and being a homemaker at the same time) implemented? How were the equality and emancipation claims
(results of October 1956 and June turmoil preceding it) implemented? How did the members
of the Women’s League deal with political reshuffle resulting from the so-called thaw?
Through the analysis of data, archive sources and visual material, the authors have undertaken
an analysis of activity of a women’s movement, i.e. the Women’s League, on a local level
assuming that in the years 1956–1966 the Women’s League in the Wolsztyn County was an
authentic and relevant women’s organization.
Key words: Women’s League, women movement, emancipation, local communities, Wolsztyn