Tożsamość narodowa jako czynnik kształtujący relacje pomiędzy Unią Europejską a państwami członkowskimi

  • Danuta Kabat-Rudnicka Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie


National identity in the legal terms is understood as constitutional identity. It conditions
the relationships between the European Union and its Member States. Referring to the
constitutional identity makes possible for the constitutional courts of the Member States
to define the boundaries for the permeation of the European Union law into national legal
orders. National identity is a vast formula enabling the effective protection of constitutional
values within the meaning of inviolable constitutional cores of the Member States. Equally
significant is the fact that the respect for national identities is a commitment, which the
European Union has assumed for itself.
The article aims at outlining the evolution of relations between the European Union and its
Member States within the context of national identities in the light of the case law of the
constitutional courts of the Member States.
Key words: European Union, national identity, constitutional identity, constitutional courts