Anarchokapitalizm a państwo narodowe – utopijna wizja czy realna perspektywa przyszłości

  • Paweł Ostachowski Uniwersytet Pedagogiczne w Krakowie


The article will concern anarchocapitalism as one of the currents of contemporary thinking
about society, the state, and the economy. He also developed his own, utopian view of many, the
vision of the socio-political system. Originating in 19th century anarchist-individualist thought
and classic and neoclassical liberal thought, in spite of appearances in recent years, effectively undermines and undermines the importance of the state as an institution representing the
community of citizens. The paper will discuss the main assumptions of anarchocapitalism.
It also show how his utopian vision of the world, accelerating the process of globalization, and
the intensifying process of weakening state institutions and undermining its effectiveness by
transnational actors as a regulator of social and economic life.
Key words: capitalism, anarchism, state, utopia, libertarianism